Who We Are

We're Gala and Andrea, the sisters behind Zalio.

Welcome to our little corner of the world, where jewelry is more than just accessories—it's a journey into the heart of human emotion.

A decade ago, in the fervent years of adolescence, Gala was in search of a word that could encapsulate the ineffable, a term that could bridge the gaps between emotions, blurring the lines that separate joy from sorrow, love from fear. It was during a conversation with a friend that the word "zalio" emerged. Little did she know back then that it would grow from a simple word to embody something profound.

Zalio isn't just a feeling; it's an art form—a celebration of vulnerability. It's about having the courage to open your heart wide and embrace the rollercoaster of human experience. Feeling everything deeply, whether it's the highs of joy, the lows of loss, or the sheer awe of the world's beauty.

In this fleeting journey we call life, we believe our purpose lies in the pursuit of feeling. Zalio is an invitation to revel in the richness of our existence.

Zalio jewelry is an ode to these profound truths. Each piece is crafted to explore the intricate
dance between the physical and the spiritual. These are not just adornments; they are talismans designed to accompany you on your journey, serving as reminders of your values, priorities, and greatest loves.

With every piece, we aspire to offer a connection to the boundless depths of feeling. As you wear Zalio, may each gemstone and symbol resonate with different aspects of your emotional landscape, becoming a bridge to your innermost self.

When words fall short, let the jewelry speak.

Welcome to Zalio— an homage to the art of feeling.